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Choose a responsive, licensed, ethical LOCAL adoption agency!

Considering adoption for your child? You owe it to yourself, and your baby, to find about:

1. Licensed in Oregon and Washington?

2. Local support & service from people just like you?

3. 24 Hour support & contact?

4. Ethical and Transparent practices by Experienced & Successful Professionals?

Ask us today about our qualifications, record of success, and our total support plans that put in you in control of your life.  

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Ask us about your pregnancy, your legal parental rights, and learn more from your local Baby Adoption Agency.

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Licensed in Oregon & Washington.
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Journeys of the Heart Adoption Can Facilitate An Open Adoption, And Keep You In Your Child's Future. We Provide Full Support & Care Plans.

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Ask us about your pregnancy, your legal parental rights, and learn more from your local Baby Adoption Agency.

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We Have Great Adoption Families Waiting To Adopt A Child, Choose Today Before Your Baby’s Born!

As A Birth Mother, Expecting A Child, You Have Rights. Learn More Now From The Adoption Experts.

Remember: At Journeys You Pick The Family, You Name Your Child, Your Hopes & Dreams Form Your Unique Adoption Plan!

We Have Been Helping Women, Just Like You, Succeed Since 1993! 


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