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Frequently Asked Questions
We Have Been Answering Honestly Since 1993. Here Are A Few You Might Find Interesting..

We have heard many questions about Birth Mother custody rights, unmarried mother rights, and rights to plan an adoption before a baby is born. 

Does an unmarried mother have custody when her baby is born? Or, can a boyfriend or someone else block adoption for your child? You need to know you rights as a mother, before your baby is born.

When you think of baby adoption as a possible option for your unborn child, baby or toddler, you need to get information from licensed professionals like Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services.

Journeys is proud of our licenses that allow us to help you with information and support, and our wonderful background as experts in adoption, especially in Oregon and Washington State. At times like these you need professional baby adoption insiders.

Our experience and success leads to solid answers when you need information the most. Questions about custody, rights, adoption and being a Birth Mother all come together often when an adoption plan is written.

For your adoption plan make sure you get the best help possible. At Journeys we will help you take control of your life as we join together to write the adoption plan that expresses your heart’s desires and you true passions.

Your rights as a mother, your choice of a name for your child, your choice of the ‘right family’ to adopt your child, those are all precious options we believe must be controlled by you.

One other factor: we never have a hidden agenda, or an approach guided by any motives, other than what is best for you and your baby. We aren’t managed by a particular ‘philosophy’ and we have staff who all love adoption. You won’t hear us pushing solutions on you, or advocating a ‘belief’ system. You will hear us honestly answering your questions with truthful responses.

Frequently Asked Question 18: What is the difference between Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services and a pregnancy center?

Answer: There are many differences. For one, Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services is licensed by the State of Oregon and the State of Washington to provide adoption and relief services. We are a real Adoption Agency. Our boss is a licensed, clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who has also adopted three of her four children. And, we’re a non-profit, too, with no affiliation to any religion or political cause. We are all about adoption mothers and children. Also, we will directly provide you help as quickly as possible, no matter your beliefs, no matter your background, just because of you and your needs. We never apply a test of your values, or question how you look or what your think. We are firmly centered on giving free services to women and children, and children unborn. That’s our mission. The is our passion, and our center. We want you to make it and we want your child to have that forever family you dream about.

Frequently Asked Question 17: What is an Adoption Plan?

Answer: An Adoption Plan is a real plan, something we help you write, with your heart’s desires put into words. When you choose Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services we make that adoption plan based on what you want, and how you want the adoption of your child to go forward. Even before baby is born you have the options of picking the new family for your child, your child’s name, your maternity/pregnancy plan, your degree of real support and much more.

Answer: Your Adoption Plan is a legal document that has to be written before your child is placed with that wonderful family that you have picked. In an Open Adoption we will make sure that your wishes for visits, pictures, etc. are included for you in your Adoption Plan. Your Adoption Plan is a legal document.

Frequently Asked Question 41: Why should I contact Journeys of the Heart instead of a local pregnancy place?

Answer: We are full service, we aren’t affiliated with a church or a political movement, we are here for you and your child.

Frequently Asked Question 53: Are you for real?

Answer: Yes! Our team is made-up of people who have lived the life of adoption since 1993, in fact even earlier for some of the ‘oldsters’. We have adopted children, we are part of the movement that made adoption a reality for so many, and made sure that children have access to the Open Adoption records they need, as they grow into young adulthood. We are exactly what we seem to be: your friends in the profession, passionate people who are ready to help you and your baby.

Frequently Asked Question 3: What are adoptive parent portfolios?

Answer: You will look at portfolios that include a letter to you and photos of the adopting parent’s lives. This will give you visual images of them, their home and their interests. If you want to know more about them or are having a hard time choosing, we can give you their home study, a document completed by a social worker that approves them for adoption (without any identifying information). This document will give you an in-depth idea about their childhood and early adult history as well as more information about their marriage, parenting style, values and ideas about adoption.

Frequently Asked Question 67: How does an adoption agreement protect me?

Answer: The adopting parents sign a document that is legally binding in many states agreeing to send the number of letters and pictures and providing the visits. Journeys of the Heart supports you in getting enforcement of any adoption agreement. Most adopting parents are so grateful to you that they would never consider not sending what you wanted from them.

Frequently Asked Question 68: Do you really check out people that will adopt my baby?

Answer: Yes! And, we tell you exactly what we find. The adoption process, for the family adopting your child, is a complete and detailed journey. They are background checked, the must be financially stable, they must have a favorable Home Study that closely examines them as a family and as individuals, and they must be chosen by you. You make the choice, based on all the best information, and you must approve of the process and qualifications of the family.

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