“its really very amazing that infant adoption can be so easy. I have lived all my life in Oregon and Adoption was never something I heard about a lot. My Journey' counselor helped me learn about the difference between open and closed adoption. The closed adoption pros and con talk was at a Starbucks on a cold Winter day. I know it sounds bad now but when I first called Journeys of the Heart I wanted to know if Adoption would cost me anything. It didn't in fact Journeys supported me financially when I was pregnant and after my girl was born they helped me with free counseling to get back on my feet and now my life is in my control! Open adoption with a family I picked was my plan, I picked the name for my daughter and made the visits a part of our agreement. Thank you Journeys you kept every promise you made to me that first night I talked to Jess.

    Placed infant with Open Adoption family

    “With a private adoption in Washington I was able to have the control of the process and make the best plan possible for my baby with Journes of the Heart asking me before any decisions were made. Closed adoption advantages seemed the best to me but when I went to Journeys I thought they would manipulate my choices. They didn't! My adoption plan was just the way I wanted it to be. When I talked about a closed adoption Journeys listened and I felt valued and respected. They never put pressure on me or tried to run my life. I am in a Birthmother support group now as a leader, I want other women to know they can have power in their lives”

    Put child into loving home

    “What does open adoption PLUS a new family for you to pick for your baby mean? It isn't like the old saying 'put my baby up for adoption'. It isn't like that at all. It is a choice you make after you have heard all the sides of a very emotional issue. At Journeys my counselor was also a Birthmother and we bonded so fast as our common life experiences made our first talk like two friends, together. I wanted our adoption discussions to be private and all of my boundaries respected in that sort of way where there isn't any discussion unless you want it. So from the first meeting we were focuseed on just what would work, just what I wanted and just what was the best plan for my adoption. There are many people looking to adopt a baby in Oregon and Washington. It isn't hard to find THAT family. But how will you know? Journeys puts them through hard home study processes, really checks them out... ”

    Made The courageous adoption choice


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