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The Takeaway

In a closed adoption there is no contact at all between the Birth Parents, and the adoptive parents with the child,
after the adoption takes place. Traditionally, closed was the rule in the United States until Open Adoptions took hold. Now, recent statistics suggest that about 75% of all Domestic Adoptions are ‘Open’ in most ways. 

Perhaps some of the most telling observations about closed adoption versus open adoption come from the parents of Internationally adoped children, a very large group that is almost all 'closed'. They will tell you that
they quickly find out how much their children miss their birth parents, medical records, and familial contacts.

With years of experience in International Adoption Journeys' staff can attest to the overwhelming advantages of Open Adoption in almost all cases.

"Open Adoption should be seen as a positive arrangement put in place to benefit the child, one that the adopting parents look forward to being involved in.

Adoption agreements between birth parents and the adopting parents are legally binding in many states and must be adhered to by the adopting family."

Journeys of the Heart, 2018

Journeys staff assures Birth Parents that all adopting parents enrolled in the domestic program desire and are willing to be in a meaningful, lifelong relationship with them, all for the good of the child.
JOH staff is pleased to talk with adopting parent(s) about open adoption and we recommend reading “Making Room In Our Hearts” by Micky Duxbury for more information on this arrangement.
Open adoption helps the child in these ways:
They know that they are loved by their birth parent
The feelings of loss, abandonment, rejection, shame will be reduced
The adoptive family is assured of access to birth family information (family stories, medical information, cultural knowledge)
Connections that are lost in a traditional adoption (siblings, extended family) are encouraged.

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