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Financing Your Journey:

Resources On The Web*


There are organizations that provide financial assistance to parents, at various levels.  We encourage you to learn more at the following three sites: 

National Adoption Foundation

100 Mill Plain Road

Danbury, CT 06811


Fax: 203-791-3801

website www.nafadopt.org


 A Child Waits Foundation


1136 Barker Road Unit 12

Pittsfield, MA 01201


Fax 518-794-6243

email cnelson@achildwaits.org

website www.achildwaits.org

Provides low interest loans to adopting parents

Give a child a home for a lifetime!  Click here.



Other Sites That Can Help You

Get some great ideas at the Orphan Foundation!

Visit www.showhope.org today to find out about adoption grants!

Click here to visit a website with fundraising ideas: Shades of Us.

Update on the Adoption Tax Credit PDF you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

Visit Help Us Adopt. Founded in 2007 by Becky and Kipp Fawcett after their own infertility struggle and adoption process, Helpusadopt.org is a national, non-profit 501 (c)3 financial grant program that helps couples/individuals (regardless of race, religion, marital status or sexual preference) with their adoption expenses  by awarding financial grants from $500 - $15,000. Helpusadopt.org will pay the grant recipients' service providers directly and will cover domestic, international, foster child and special needs adoptions.  For more information or to donate to Helpusadopt.org, please visit www.HELPUSADOPT.ORG or contact Becky Fawcett, Executive Director, at 917.684.5484 or becky.fawcett@helpusadopt.org  

http://www.achildsdesire.org A Child’s Desire is a non-profit charity that provides grants for families seeking to adopt hard to place children, children with special needs and children over the age of eight.


http://www.affordingadoption.com/loans.php A Great Collection Of Links

 http://www.ggam.org  works with families.  209-572-4539 info@ggam.org www.ggam.org

 JSW Adoption Foundation Average grants awarded range between $2000 - $5000. Write to:101 East Pier Street, 1st Floor
Port Washington, WI 53074 262-268-1386 or 877-905-ADOP (2367)

God's Grace Adoption Ministry has grants and loans.  209-572-4539 nfo@ggam.org

HFLA- Hebrew Free Loan Association
Interest-free loans are available to Jewish adults who wish to adopt.

http://www.angelfire.com/home/ibsen/ grant money for families in Washington State


Promise the Children www.promisethechildren.org


Children of the World 27 E. Hillvale Rd. Syosset, NY 11791

Grant money is available for those that qualify from Shaohannahs Hope Foundation click Here  to find out more.

Are you in the service?  The Military non-recurring program provides a one-time subsidy program for full-time military personnel.  Adopting couples or singles can receive up to $2000 reimbursement for adoption expenses for one child, or $5,000 for siblings.  Eligible personnel should complete DD Form 2675.  Please click here for more information.

The National Adoption Information Clearing House website lists many resources.  This link will take you there

 First Union Bank Attn: Norman Hecht 502 Hungerford Drive Rockville, MD 20850 1-888-314-KIDS

The Potter's Hands Foundation www.potters-hands.org

The LOOC Foundation www.looc.org email: info@looc.org 1-866.LOOC.ORG

Many of the costs of an adoption will be returned to you through federal tax credits. 

Check with your employer’s human resource department to see if they offer adoption assistance benefits.  This link offers a great explanation that every employer should read.

United Way International has assistance for costs of travel for children adopted with illnesses needing immediate medical attention,  United Way International
Attn: Melissa Guerra, 701 N. Fairfax St., Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 519-0092

International Adoption Assistance Foundation, Inc.  Directors Donald L. Parker & Linda J. Bushy 6420 Tokeneak Trail
Mobile, AL 36695-2940

Wide Smiles
Resources and information on adopting children with cleft-lip/pallets.

Another place to visit is http://www.nefe.org the website for The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping all Americans acquire the information and gain the skills necessary to take control of their personal finances.

The ABBA Fund www.abbafund.org

The Ibsen Adoption Network www.angelfire.com/home/ibsen barbbaburke@comcast.net (Washington State only)


Child Adoption Funds All- About creating a tax-free entity that can reduce your family's adoption expenses by 15-40%

Acres of Hope can help with children with challenges.

China Care Foundation helps families adopting special needs children http://chinacare.org/adoptions.html

*All links provided without JOH endorsement.


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